The majority of my prints have a side to them that most people never see.  If you are a fan of monotype, you will know that I am referring to the back of the print.  One of my signature monotype techniques is drawing or writing on the back of the paper to pick up ink from the plate.

The example above shows, from right to left, Second Chances (front), Second Chances (back), and Quattro.  Second Chances was completed in 2013.  Quattro is from 2003. If you look at the back of Second Chances, you can see vestiges of a Quattro print.  In 2003, I made 4 prints in the Quattro series that I was really happywith, which subsequently sold.  Apparently, the image underlying Second Chances didn’t make the cut.  Atsome point, I added the layer with the greenish-tan background and the orange rectangular shapes, and some friends renamed the print “Gluten-Free Toast on a String”.  It sat in my percolation folder for another couple of years until this year, when I added the text, which primarily has to do with anxiety.  Technically, this print belongs in my Revenge series, which I am considering renaming Cathartic Caterwauls or something less dark.

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