Home Sweet Home

Thanks to friends Steve MacFarlane (my studio mate for the last two and a half years), Jennifer, Jessica and Jason,  my press now lives in my garage, and hopefully I will not have to move it again for several years.

I learned on my most recent move that the wheels on my crate are an inch wider than the standard UHaul ramp, which is 24″ wide. Fortunately, my movers were creative and were able to slide the extremely heavy crate perpendicularly up the ramp, using the wood supports rather than the casters. I haven’t used the press since the big move, but it appears to have survived. I am extremely happy that I don’t have to plan on moving again in 3 years.

When I was in massage school, I put my studio in storage at Navis Pack and Ship, and had them build a custom crate for my press roller, so that it could be easily be rolled from place to place. Getting the roller into the crate is no easy task. It requires an engine hoist.  These photos are from when I moved out of my Magnolia studio into the studio I shared with Steve.  Both of our studios were scheduled to be demolished, so we decided to share.  It was a great couple of years with Steve, Willy and Jeri.

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