Barbara Gilhooly Painting:  #87 Pattern Language Tile

Last week, on a visit to Greeley, Colorado, I had the pleasure of meeting one of my favorite artists.  My dear sister Marian was playing horn in the orchestra for Otello at Lincoln Center in Fort Collins, and got me a ticket.  While I was waiting for the opera to start, I decided to check out the gallery opening that was going on, featuring artists from  the Fort Collins Artist Studio Tour .  After about five minutes, I remembered that BARBARA GILHOOLY LIVES IN FORT COLLINS and then I discovered that she and her wife Ayn Hanna both had work in the show. My mission was clear, I had to find out if they were there in person, and then introduce myself.

Barbara was very gracious and invited me to her home for a studio visit.  My sister and her former horn teacher (who now lives in Fort Collins) went with me to Barbara and Ayn’s home the following day.  Seeing all of the different mediums Barbara and Ayn work in and how organized they are with their marketing and sales of their work was very inspiring.  Barbara and Ayn both have backgrounds in printmaking.  Barbara shows internationally, and Ayn has been featured in American Craft magazine.  I ended up buying 2 small paintings for myself, as well as a beautiful hand-hooked wool rug.  Marian bought a french horn  badge stitched on vintage fabric from Ayn, a fellow horn player.

After our shopping frenzy, we visited Jim Lapaso‘s outdoor wind sculpture gallery, about a mile away from Barbara and Ayn’s.

All in all, I was very excited to see such great art thriving in Northern Colorado.

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