Several people were not able to make it to my event in February, so I am having another open house on August 12 from 2 to 5 PM.  This time the proceeds are to help cover the costs of attending the Artist Trust EDGE professional development program in Port Townsend, which will be August 18 – 25.  To read more about the EDGE program, follow this link:

I have several new small pieces, as well as a handful of larger prints that I have completed since February.

The Random Name Generator will be on hand again to help with the naming of the small cellular prints that I am selling for $35, which is a great price for an original print.   With the exception of my new work, my inventory will be half price for this event.

Once again, I have commissioned my friend Sarah Tompkins to make Red Velvet cake.

Please stop by, whether you want to purchase some art, or to just have some delicious cake and to say “hi”.  If you think you will be able to attend, please let me know, and I will send you directions to the event.   I am not posting directions here because I would like to have some idea of how many people to expect.  So please fill out this form if you plan to come.  Feel free to bring a friend.  Hope to see you there!

Another Studio Sale?

Several people were not able to attend my studio sale in February, and have asked if I am going to have another one.  I AM, but I think I will do it this summer after I have had a chance to do more work and add some good words into the Random Name Generator.  Stay tuned, I will keep you posted!!

Also, for everyone who bought a print from me in February but haven’t had it framed yet, Karrie Baas of Baas Framing Studio in Madison Valley is offering 10% off framing of my work.  Karrie Baas and Julia Ricketts are fantastic and can help you with any of your framing needs.  They are great people, and I hope you will give them your business!!  Here is a link to their website:

Random Name Generator Results

Here are some of the great titles for my cell series.  Thanks to everyone who participated in the naming of the prints.

Amassing Strokes of Luck

Euphoric Origin

Resilient Essence

Primeval Drift

Overtly Vagabond

Obscure Principle

Wretched Willy-Nilly Apocalypse

Aboriginal Eternity Everywhere

Muscular Element

Unsinkable Chortling Incident

Pleasantly Rotund Eclipses

Infrequent Fate

Tangerine Wicket

Designated Element

Flagrantly Mortal Providence

Annular Gravitating Insomnia

Cordially Radiating Stuff

Eternal Oscillating Inception

Helter Skelter Generator

HeeHaw Spore

Globose Contingency